Where do you offer your Tigerfishing trips?

We offer Tigerfishing on the Komati River in Komatipoort.

How big is the area where you fish?

We have exclusive access to 6 kilometers on the Komati river on private grounds. There are safe parking and no other boats allowed on that section of the Komati River.

What is the record size Tigerfish which have been caught on the river?

The biggest Tigerfish caught weighed 5,73 kg's. Many Tigerfish of between 3kg and 5,73kg are regularly caught by our clients.

Do you practise catch and release of Tigerfish?

Yes we have a strict catch and release policy. These monster fish need to be caught by our grandchildren.

Do you catch Tigerfish on farm dams as well?

No we only offer Tigerfishing trips on the Komati River.

Whats the most Tigerfish which have been caught during a session?

The most tigerfish caught during a single session was 21.


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